Independent and Dependent Variables?


A dependent variable is a variable in an equation or experiment whose value relies on another. On the other hand, an independent variable is one whose value does not rely on any other. Usually, dependent variables rely on the independent variables.
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It depends on what you are looking at. If you want to look at changes in variable Y when a variable X is changed, then X is the independent variable and Y is the dependent. But if
A "variable" is a word for a quantity or condition that can change. Variables can be continuous or they can be discrete. Continuous variables can have many values. For example
The dependent are observed to change to the independent variables.
Your independent variable is the liquid, dependent variable is time taken to boil, and if you're not changing anything else.such as temperature, pot etc.all those are control variables
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What Are Dependent, Independent & Controlled Variables?
Progress in science depends on well-planned experiments that yield communicable results. The scientific method involves asking a question, researching it, making a hypothesis and then testing the hypothesis by designing an experiment that yields results... More »
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An independent variable is a factor that stands on its own, and hence, can only be manipulated during an experiment. A dependent variable is a measured variable, which is used in the determination of the effects of an independent variable. These two terms are broadly applicable in mathematics and statistics.
A dependent variable is termed as the observed result of the independent variable being manipulated. An independent variable on the other hand, is the value that represents the value being manipulated. The independent variable thus influences the dependable variable.
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