Independent Regulatory Commissions?


An Independent Regulatory Commission is a community authority or government agency in charge for employing autonomous authority over a few areas of human activity in a regulatory or supervisory capacity. The Commission deals in the area of administrative law regulation.
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These are entities such as the FCC(Federal Communications Commission) and FAA(Federal Avaition Administration) They are formed and accorded power by Congress to regulate a specific
Independent Regulatory Commissions are ones that do not answer to the
Generally, they take pay offs from the people they are supposed to be regulating so as to eliminate competition and minimize just regulations. They put on a good dog and pony show
1. Call the Railroad Commission of Texas and lodge a complaint. The oil and gas department can be reached at (512) 463-6838. 2. Email the RRC with your complaint. Send your email
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A regulatory commission is a set body that governs a certain organization. It implements rules and regulations that have to be adhered to. Failure to heed to these ...
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