Instrument Used to Measure Volume?


There are numerous instruments that one can use to measure the volume of objects or liquids. Some of these include graduated cylinders, measuring cups, pipettes, buoyant weights and overflow troughs. The volume of an object is usually the quantity of the three dimensional space enclosed within a margin.
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The scientific instruments that measure the volume of a gas, liquid, or solid are called volumeters. They include graduated cylinders, syringes, beakers, and volumenometers. These
In case of liquid it is measuring jar, or volumetric flask. For gas and liquid there are separate methods to find out the volume.
The graduated cylinder is the common device used to measure the volume of
An instrument is a device that indicates, measures or controls. These can be used for static as well as dynamic volume measurements. Volume can be measured in simple cylinderical
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There are quite a number of instrument that are used to measure volume this includes: Graduated cylinders, pipettes, burettes, syringes, volumetric flasks and ...
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