What does a Jack Russell terrier look like?


Jack Russell terrier is a small breed of terrier dog that has origin in fox hunting. It is an energetic breed which relies heavily on a high level of stimulation and exercise and is free from serious health complaints.
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1. TEACH YOUR DOG TO SPEAK! The next time your dog yawns or makes a verbal noise say "Speak! and then give your dog a treat. Keep doing this exercise and they will begin to speak
The breed diversified form the same type pf dog which was developed by an english vicar(parson) called john Russell, small white hunting dogs, but over the years, the 'parson jack
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A jack russell terrier is a type of toy dog breed. This particular breed is incredibly intelligent and has no problem showing you that it has an attitude problem. They are a working terrier and love to be kept busy and hate to be bored. Do not own one of these dogs if you're looking for a breed that's quiet. They love to talk back.
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