What does a Jack Russell terrier look like?


Jack Russell terrier is a small breed of terrier dog that has origin in fox hunting. It is an energetic breed which relies heavily on a high level of stimulation and exercise and is free from serious health complaints.
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A type of small dog, usually brown and white coloured, often used by farmers for rodent control. a jackrussel terrier is atype of dog. a jackrussel terrier is a type of dog.
n. A terrier originating in England, having a small sturdy body, straight legs, and a smooth, mostly white coat that has brown or black markings. [After the Reverend John Russell
A Jack Russell terrier is a sturdy and tough dog. It is white with tan, black, or
JRTs and Children. Not a Latchkey Dog. The Jack Russell Terrier Standard.
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A jack russell terrier is a type of toy dog breed. This particular breed is incredibly intelligent and has no problem showing you that it has an attitude problem. They are a working terrier and love to be kept busy and hate to be bored. Do not own one of these dogs if you're looking for a breed that's quiet. They love to talk back.
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