Where is the jaguar situated within the food chain?


The jaguar's food chain starts with the rain and the sun. These two combine to grow plants, which in turn feed the deer and capybaras, which are then eaten by the jaguar before it dies to return the nutrients to the soil and the cycle starts all over again.
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Jaguars may eat any of the below mentioned animals as their food: Deer. Capybara. Tapirs. Foxes. Monkeys. Sloths. Fish. Birds. Cattle (Goat, cow, horse) Turtles. They are the only
Plants Plants are the producers within the food chains; they use the sun's energy to create carbohydrates (usually in the form of sugar) from water and carbon dioxide. This process
There is no single food chain in the world. Hence, there is no single species on top of. the. food chain, in whose belly all other organisms find their final resting place. Instead,
The cheetah is a meat eater, a carnivore. It preys on different smaller antelope, the young of the gnu or zebra, and an occasional bird or hare. All of the cheetah's prey eat plants
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Jaguars are carnivorous and eat medium to large sized prey such as deer and peccaries. Jaguar is the predator at the top of the food chain; it has few natural predators other than man.
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