What Is a James Flamingo?


The James's Flamingo botanically known as Phoenicoparrus jamesi is a tiny South American flamingo found on the elevated Andean plateaus of Chile, Bolivia, Peru and Argentina. It is the fairest of the South American flamingos and is renowned by its yellow bill, orange legs and red skin near the eyes. It was named after Henry Berkeley James, an English naturalist.
Q&A Related to "What Is a James Flamingo"
The James flamingo was named for Henry Berkeley James, a biologist from England, who financed explorations to Chile to gather specimens of butterflies, moths and birds. One expedition
they are white while other flamingos are usually pink.
The James's flamingo, also called the puna flamingo or chururu, inhabits highland lakes in western South America. Though not endangered, the bird is difficult to locate in the wild
High and very high altitude, alkaline salt-lakes.
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