What Is a Jet Stream?


A jet stream is way that the weather is moving in your area. When you have a jet stream the wind is blowing in a particular motion in your area based on the jet stream.
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Air warmed in the tropics around the equator fuels the jet stream as it rises. Hitting the tropopause at about 58,000 feet (the layer of the atmosphere separating the troposphere
Because they contribute to worldwide weather patterns.
n. A high-speed, meandering wind current, generally moving from a westerly direction at speeds often exceeding 400 kilometers (250 miles) per hour at altitudes of 10 to 15 kilometers
While always fast, jet streams don't travel at constant
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What Is a Jet Stream?
A jet stream is a band of fast-moving air high in the Earth's atmosphere that affects weather patterns, temperatures and air travel. Jet streams are used to forecast the weather because they act as a steering mechanism for storms and other weather... More »
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The jet stream is a warm stream of wind that goes at an altitude of approximately 7 miles through the upper layers of the troposphere. It is caused when two masses of air that are of different temperatures meet.
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Jet streams, which are rapidly moving ribbons of air 6 to 9 miles above the Earth, influence the weather by separating warm and cold air and pushing weather systems ...
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Weather is formed by the Earth atmosphere. When the Earth moves on it axis or spins, it creates jet streams and the weather is formed. Wind, rain, tornadoes ...
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