What Is a Journey Pendant?


A journey pendant is a piece of jewellery that is representative of the love and life condition of an individual. It is a kind of gift that is usually presented by one lover to another, as a symbol of their commitments to each other.
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Introduced in 2006, the original journey pendant was created to represent life "as an interconnected journey that always comes back to itself. More specifically, the journey
For the past year or so, Journey Pendants have been the hottest sellers in the jewelry industry. But what do they really represent? What do they mean? A. Journey Pendant. represents
Pendant: a hanging ornament, as an earring or the main piece suspended from a necklace.
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What Is a Journey Pendant?
A piece of jewelry makes an excellent gift, but a fine piece of jewelry is a timeless keepsake. Selecting a piece of jewelry for an important woman in your life can be a daunting task. No matter if you two are just starting to build memories together or... More »
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