What Is a Juju Bean?


The term Juju bean is an ordinary name to identify an individual who is Jewish. The word juju is superstitiously used to refer to an object revered by certain West African communities, and is used as a charm or fetish.
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : Juju is a word of West African origin that refers to the supernatural power ascribed to an object. So, bad juju would bad supernatural power
A JuJu is a charm superstitiously believed to embody magical powers.
The adzuki bean is an Oriental bean that is dark red in color. It is used to make pastes that go into breads, dumplings and sweet cakes. The adzuki bean is a highly desirable bean
Inoculation involves coating the bean seeds with a powdery bacteria, contained in small packages and often available wherever seeds are sold. The bacteria enhance the plant's ability
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