Define Juried Art Show?


A juried art show is an art exhibition that has a group of individuals looking at the artworks displayed and judging them. It is one of the types of art exhibitions; the others being invitational and open.
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Submit Your Work. You must submit your work to the jury. The more you submit, the better your chances of being accepted. The jury then accepts or rejects your work for that particular
It is art that is voted on by a jury (judges) to give it a meritable value.'juried-art...
I once attended a seminar on this. My notes follow: Doors / Windows. Pastoral Scenes. Nostalgia. Flowers. Seascapes. Dramatic photographs of interesting and hard to get to places.
Dear Jim, In order to answer your question, I have one of my own. Do the show rules designate whether they are providing replacement value coverage or only a portion of the coverage
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