What is a Kennedy half dollar worth?


The 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar is worth $7.00-$15.00. Again a coin collector will be able to best determine the true value of your coin. ).
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The year 1964 was the first that the U.S. Mint struck a coin in honor of Kennedy, who was assassinated the previous year. The reverse featured an eagle clutching arrows and olive
In actuality, fifty cents. It is in no way rare, nor made up of any precious metal. However, after watching people selling quarters with Obama's face painted on them for twenty bucks
Unless it is a proof coin or a very high-grade uncirculated coin, it's face value.
Unless it's an S-mint proof in its original holder, it's an ordinary circulation coin worth face value. Feel free to use it to buy a candy bar or newspaper. A 1980 50 cent piece is
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What Is a Kennedy 1964 Half Dollar Worth?
The design of the half dollar has changed many times over the years, but has remained the same since 1964 when the U.S. Mint introduced the design with President John F. Kennedy on the front.... More »
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