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Key holder Jobs for Ashburn, VA 20147
Key Holder
The Vitamin Shoppe
· Manassas, VA
Department Lead/Keyholder Sales Associate
New Balance
· Leesburg, VA
Contemporary Apparel Keyholder-Leesburg, VA
24 Seven
· Leesburg, VA
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You'd pretty much be the assistant assistant manager. Usually the hierarchy is: General Manager, Assistant Manager, Key Holder. Meaning, you'd be like third in command.
PC repair technicians are mainly expected to install systems, upgrade hardware, troubleshoot computer issues, and maintain peripherals (such as printers) Other things come into play
The usual duties of a key holder include taking responsibility for opening and closing the store each day. In addition, they key holder may be required to attend the store out of
Sick machine (mac/pc) dual monitors, Aeron chair, ergo keyboard, good lighting, stocked kitchen (I mean stocked) proper coffee machine (one that grinds, brews, pours on the fly) challenging
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Someone hired for a position with key holder responsibilities receives the same training as the manager and assistant manager. These responsibilities include opening and closing the business, setting goals and delegating job responsibilities. In addition, the key holder is a liaison between the management and the employees. An individual in this position helps motivate employees, assists managers in their functions and facilitates communication between workers and administration.

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