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Kilauea volcano is an active volcano that is located in the Hawaiian Islands. It is part of the five shield volcanoes that form the island of Hawaii. Most recently, its volcanic activity led to the formation of the Hawaiian archipelago.
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As the youngest of all of Hawaii's volcanoes, and one of the most active, yet most accessible volcanoes in the world, Kilauea is one of Hawaii's most defining natural wonders.... More »
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The Hawaiian island of Kilauea is one of the world's most active volcanoes and is one of five shield volcanoes that exist in that area and form the state.
Kilauea is one of largest active craters in the world, has a circumference of 8 mi (13
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The Kilauea volcano is located on the island of Hawaii in the state of Hawaii. The nearest city to the volcano is Hilo. ...
Kilauea volcano stands at 4,091 feet (1,247 m) tall at its highest point. It has a 165 metre deep circular caldera at its summit that measures 3x5km and is said ...
Kilauea volcano in Hawaii is considered as the youngest and most active shield volcano in Big Island. At present, it still has one of the longest eruption activity ...
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