Kinked Demand Curve?


A kinked demand curve refers to a curve which has two distinct segments that have different elasticities joining, so as to form a corner or kink. The curve is used to explain price rigidity in oligopoly.
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Kinked Demand Curve: the shape of a demand curve when any rise in price above the customary level
it is so because of non-collusive oligopoly where the firms are not in a cartel and what would be happening is that if one firm in the oligopoly increases the price no one follows
The kinked demand curve theory is an economic theory regarding oligopoly and monopolistic competition. When it was created, the idea fundamentally challenged classical economic tenets
A demand curve is is a graph showing the price of a certain item and the amount people are willing and able to pay for it. They are used for comparison among businesses within similar
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A kinked demand curve is a demand curve with two distinct segments which have different elasticity that join to form a corner or a kink. This demand curve has ...
The kinked Oligopoly Demand Curve is a kind of marketplace. In it there is no such thing as a pure monopoly. Usually, as prices increase, a firm will probably ...
The kinked oligopoly demand curve has to due with pricing and competitors. A kinked demand curve means that there is a discontinuity in the firm's marginal revenue ...
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