What Is a Kitchen Porter?


A kitchen porter is essentially the person who does the washing in a working kitchen. Kitchen porters are the people who wash dishes, pan and pots and mops the kitchen floors. They also do scheduled cleaning of the grills and ovens.
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A kitchen porter is someone who washes up the dishes and pans ect. in a resteraunt or pub.Depending on the precise job they also sometimes have other chores,like basic kitchen help{
someone who washes the pots. Depending on the kitchen , he might be expected to peel potatoes and stuff like that. But in general it's just keeping the kitchen clean
Train operated by the Pullman Company. Only African-American men from the South were hired to be Pullman porters. In post-Civil War America, the company's owner, George Pullman, believed
Tomorrow I have a kitchen porter trial to see if I am good for the job. The problem is that I don't know what to wear. The job is at a fancy hotel so I don't want to go under ...show
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The Kitchen Porter carries out all the most menial and straight-forward tasks in a working kitchen. Primary duties are washing up, cleaning and some basic food preparation duties. The purpose of the kitchen porter is to ensure that all the basic cleaning jobs are carried out as quickly and efficiently as possible, to ensure a safe and swift running of the kitchen.
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