Laboratory Thermometer?


A laboratory thermometer is an instrument used to measure temperatures or temperature changes with a high degree of precision. Some of these thermometers have temperature divisions of 1 °C and are usually filled with red spirit rather than mercury. Examples of commercial laboratory thermometers are; BS593 thermometers and IP thermometers.
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A Thermometer is a Laboratory Equipment that measures temperature.
A thermometer is a device that measures the heat of an object or substance. Thermometers once used mercury, but now often use a different liquid, an electronic, or laser sensor.
1. Find a wall within the room that does not have a window. Using the hammer, knock a nail into the wall. Hang the mercury thermometer from the nail. 2. Read off the value of temperature
A clinical thermometer contains mercury and is used to measure the temperature of the human body. It only has a range of a few degrees, on either side of normal body temperature.
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