What is the best habitat for ladybugs?


According to National Geographic, ladybugs live best in moderate climate crop areas, where they have access to many plants and aphids to supplement their diet. That being said, ladybugs are very hardy and live in most parts of the world.

Ladybugs are found in all of the continental United States and the southern half of Alaska, most of Canada, all of South America, all of Africa, all of Asia and most of Europe. Only the very northernmost parts of the world are too cold for ladybugs, and this is mostly because of a lack of plants and parasites for their diet.

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North America
They live on foliage of plants where they eat aphids.
Some things that eat ladybugs as part of their diet are beetles, box elder bugs (also called stink bugs) and spiders. Ladybugs on the other hand mostly feed on aphids.
Ladybugs are a small beetle family that come in yellow, orange or red with small black spots on their wing covers, with black legs, head and antennae. More than 450 species of ladybugs
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Ladybugs natural habitats include forests, fields, grasslands, gardens and beaches. They are small, oval-shaped winged insects usually red with black spots or ...
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