What Is a LAN Port Used for?


Alternatively called an Ethernet port, the LAN (local area network) port is a connection that enables a computer to connect to a network using a wired connection. A LAN (local area network) port is located on a central processing unit of a computer.
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1. Plug one end of the first Ethernet cable into the computer's Ethernet port. 2. Plug the opposite end of the first Ethernet cable into the input port on the POE injector. 3. Plug
fast ethernet port.
Yes.. you can if you have 2 LAN ports on first computer, you then need to connect the other computer to this computer's other LAN port using crossover cable. After that, just enable
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LAN ports are RJ-45 Ethernet sockets that are used to connect or cable together all client machines, servers and network devices on the local network to facilitate the transfer of data. LAN or Local Area Network refers to a computer network, which is confined to a limited geographical area.
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A LAN card connects a computer to a network, whether local or foreign. LAN cards typically connect to a computer's motherboard via a serial port. There are other ...
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