What is a land breeze?


A land breeze is wind blowing seaward from the land, and is common during the night. Land breezes alternate with sea breezes and both occur as a result of the differences in the heating or cooling of the water surface. Locally, the breezes are experienced along coastlines that are adjacent to large water bodies.
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n. A breeze that blows from the land toward open water.
a mountain breeze is a breeze that is cold and windy.
ilam kaat or mandha maruthan.
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land breeze
a coastal breeze blowing at night from land to sea, caused by the difference in the rate of cooling of their respective surfaces.
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A land breeze is a wind that blows from the land to the sea. Land breezes usually develop near nighttime and is a high pressure breeze. Land cools quicker at night so the wind usually seeks the ocean to balance out the pressure.
To keep the answer really simple it is the breeze you feel along a coastal region. It will diminish as it gets further and further inland.
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