What Is a Lap Pool?


A lap pool is a swimming pool designed for swimming laps for a person who wants to use swimming as an exercise to stay fit. They are long and narrow and allow a person to swim back and forwards as many laps of exercise as they wish.
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Traditional lap pools are designed so that at least one swimmer can comfortably swim distance-based laps from one end of the pool to the other. Traditional lap pools are long and
Lap Pool Size. Most lap pools are 25 yards long. High-level college swim meets in the U.S. use Olympic size (50 meters) and lower-level meets use 25 yards.
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An Olympic-size pool is 50 meters (164 feet) long and 25 meters (82 feet)
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What Are Lap Pools?
In-ground or above-ground aren't your only options in swimming pools. Lap pools are designed for serious swimmers who are more interested in working on their fitness and health than their tan or lounging abilities. Lap pools are available in a wide range... More »
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