What Is a Lapel?


Lapel refers to the part of a garment that is turned back such as a coat or jacket in the form of a continuation or extension of the collar and which folds back against the breast.
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either of the two parts of a garment folded back on the chest, especially a continuation of a coat collar.
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Where you put the lapel pin depends on if you are a man or a woman. Women will put it on the left side near their heart. Men can wear it in the middle of their tie or on the lapel
A lapel is a part of the front of a garment that is turned back and is usually a continuation of the collar.
1. Take your measurements using measuring tape. Measure your shoulders, your neck, your chest, your waist, your torso length and your arms. Write all of this down so that you can
Lapels:1:lap at the front of a coat; continuation of the coat
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Jacker lapels are folded flaps of cloth that lay on the front of the jacket or coat. It is most found on formal clothing and suit jackets. Notched lapels are the ...
The word lapelled means furnished with lapels where lapels refer to continuation of the coat collars. There is however no detailed information on the name. There ...
Lapel can be defined as collar, or revere. It is that part of a garment such as a jacket, or a trench coat that forms part of the collar and is folded backwards ...
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