What Is a Ledger Board?


The term ledger board is used to refer to a narrow, horizontal board that is attached to a row of studs to support the ends of floor or ceiling joists. These boards typically measure 2-by-10 or 2-by-12 and provide a strong, solid and flat surface upon which floor joists, decking, or posts can be attached.
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1. Find the desired height and location on the house where the deck will be placed. Measure the length of the deck along the house. Mark each end location of the ledger board with
ledger board: top rail of a fence or balustrade
An Official Board The American Cornhole Association governs cornhole play and equipment. The group's rules state that a cornhole platform shall measure 48 inches x 24 inches. The
subsidary ledger.
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ledger board
a horizontal board, as in a fence.
Carpentry. ribbon.
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