What is a letter of inquiry?


A letter of inquiry is used to gauge the interest of an individual or organization to provide funding for a specific project. After positive feedback, a full-scale proposal can be sent.

For the best chance of a favorable response, a letter of inquiry should include a few key aspects to ensure that there is no misunderstanding. Apart from an introduction and description of the organization, a clear need has to be shown so that there is a purpose for the funding. Also necessary are key project details, such as dates and times, as well as the expected outcome and any deadlines that need to be met.

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When a person requires specific information from another party, that person may consider writing a letter of inquiry. Inquiry letters pose a question or request to the reader with
Important features of an enquiry letter. An enquiry letter should clearly state what the information required is. If the buyer has a particular article or service in mind, he should
What's written here is solid advice... here's a little more: Invest your time and energy learning about the company and who works there. If you keep peeling the onion and things
The formal way is 'Dear Sir' But it's far better to take the trouble to find out the name of the doctor you want to approach, or the Practice Manager, and start your letter with '
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What Is a Letter of Enquiry?
The realm of business communication includes many types of formal letters. The letter of inquiry, sometimes spelled "enquiry," often acts as first step to continued communication. Business between a consumer and producer or between an employer and... More »
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An Enquiry letter can be used when you are job seeking. The letter should detail basic contact information about yourself such as your phone number, home address ...
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