What Is a Letter of Intent?


A letter of intent is a document prepared by one company and sent to another to acknowledge a readiness to do business. This letter or e-mail is passed between parties before a full contract is prepared.
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Person-to-Business Letters
Person-to-business letters are letters that individuals send to businesses or institutions on that deal with matters related to some type of business relationship between the two parties... More »
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A letter of intent is classified as a document which spells out the general plans of an individual or company involved in a business deal for example if it is a large company plans to buy out a small manufacturing plant.
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A letter of intent is written to accurately convey your intentions. In this letter, you will want to spell out your purpose or interest and also list the names of other people involved
1. Review the letter of intent to be sure it represents the agreed upon terms and conditions. While the terms of a letter of intent are at the complete discretion of the parties involved
1 Read the instructions. All applications, proposals or other procedures requiring a letter of intent will have specific instructions regarding what information will be required in
The general definition of a letter of intent is: "A written statement expressing the intention of the undersigned to enter into a formal agreement, especially a business arrangement
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A letter of intent is like a cover letter to add along with your resume, curriculum vitae, or application for job or school. A letter of intent introduces who ...
A letter of intention is a detailed agreement which indicates that a company will execute a corporate action. It is a demonstration of good faith and a piece of ...
A letter of intent, also known as LOI, is a document outlining an agreemnet between two or more parties before the agreement is finalized. ...
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