What is a level 3 snow emergency in Indiana?


A level 3 snow emergency in the state of Indiana signifies road conditions which are so dangerous that only emergency vehicles should be traveling. As well, law enforcement has the authority to arrest those traveling on local roads. Indiana currently maintains a snow emergency rating system with a total of three levels.

A less severe rating of 2 denotes hazardous driving conditions. Residents are discouraged from traveling unless it is unavoidable. Those choosing to travel are advised to call ahead to their destination, and contact their place of work to confirm that they are open for business before departing from home. Level 1 is the least dangerous warning, but drivers are still warned that roadways will be hazardous and that they must use extreme caution when traveling.

These different ratings initially caused confusion in the state due to misunderstandings. However, making warning levels clearly defined has made reporting dangerous conditions less subjective and much more streamlined. Rather than declaring this or that road closed, authorities can simply update the emergency rating with local news outlets and law enforcement in order to communicate the current threat level to drivers. Even with this warning system in place, it will likely take a severe winter before the majority of the motoring public fully understands the system and what each emergency level really means.

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