Libra's Soul Mate?


A Libras soul mate is a star sign that matches with it and goes along with its demands. Libra is a star sign used to describe the qualities of people that fall under the sign.
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Good soul-mates for a Libra are: Libra, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Aries, go there and it tells you what each sign can bring to a relationship, in most cases. lol hope this answers your
While an individual may not have an acute sexual reaction to her soul mate the first time they meet, the book "Kindredness, Kinships, and Soulmate Experiences" says that
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A Libra soul mate is a person who can encourage a Libra to be honest, candid, trusting and open. The Libra lover adores love, beauty and romance. Partnered Libras exude a sex appeal beyond bounds.
Libras are most likely to view the Gemini as their soul mate and as someone who has the same outlook on life as them. The Gemini is an imaginative genius in bed and finds the Libran mentally and physically stimulating.
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