What Is a Link on the Computer?


A link is a software system for viewing and creating a hyperlink. It is a reference or a short cut to a document that the reader can directly follow or that is followed automatically. A link points to a whole document or to a specific element within a document.
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Links on a computer are references to other pages on the World Wide Web. A link is also a pointer to another record in data management systems. In computer programming, a link is the execution of a linker.
A computer link is a text on a page or window that can link you to another page. The link is made of an address that will take you to a new page or window on clicking it. It is made by using certain special character when writing the page or program code.
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Usually when the link light on the modem is blinking it means that data is being transferred from the service provider to the computer. If your internet connection ...
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