What Is a Linkage Industry?


A linkage industry is an industry which is linked to other industries. This linkage could be as a result of its products which are used as raw materials in other industries, or because of provision of services by this industry to others. Examples of linkage industries include: petrol linked to the oil refinery industry and agriculture linked to the canning and packaging industry, among others.
Q&A Related to "What Is a Linkage Industry"
Industrial Linkage is where the product of one company, is needed for production to take place in another company.
Your question seemed very vague but Wikipedia has an article and explanation of linkage...may or may not be useful Source(s):
In a country with our level of income, the state should shoulder the main responsibility of supporting and financing education. But universities should start to mobilise resources
In this country, it is a relatively new industry. Backward linkage like contract farming is inevitable because the wild resources from where plants are being collected now are limited
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