Where is a lion situated in the food chain?


The food chain of a lion starts with grass as the primary producer. The grass is consumed by zebras, wildebeests and other herbivore, which are in turn eaten by the lions. The lion's favourite meal is always zebra, wildebeest and buffalo meat.
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the lion always eat things that r smaller or between size to tale the truth only female lions do the hunting and the fighting.
Food Lion began in 1957 as a one-store operation in
A predator is typically high in a food chain. A food chain describes the eating relationship between a series of plants and animals. For example, a food chain might state that a grasshopper
It is animal that eats only meat. For example Lion, Leopard etc.
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Lions eat large, hooved mammals. Lions have no natural predators other than man. Lian cubs, however, are killed by jackals, hyenas, leopards, martial eagles and snakes.
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