Where is a lion situated in the food chain?


The food chain of a lion starts with grass as the primary producer. The grass is consumed by zebras, wildebeests and other herbivore, which are in turn eaten by the lions. The lion's favourite meal is always zebra, wildebeest and buffalo meat.
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The lion is on top of the food chain. It is an apex predator and preys on all mammals and herbivores that live in the forest. Male Elephants have been known to kill Lions when in
Mushrooms to trees, to zebra to lion. That is 1 example of the many things lions
Plants, animals and fungi create energy that is transferred when one consumes another. Find a food chain by following the energy transfer from one source to the next. Bob Pflugfelder
Read: Fast Food Nation. It's a few years old now but is one of the best books on the subject.
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Lions eat large, hooved mammals. Lions have no natural predators other than man. Lian cubs, however, are killed by jackals, hyenas, leopards, martial eagles and snakes.
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