Lobster Habitat?


A lobster's habitat is an area on the ocean's floor where the lobster's call home. It is in this area that lobsters can be found eating, breeding and roaming. However, most lobsters prefer their homes in rocky areas of the ocean where they can hide in the crevices from predators.
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In the ocean or sea.
Lobsters live in temperatures of 10–25°C.
A lobster has adapted to its environment by its gills which are used for breathing and pliers which are used for hunting. [ - King - ]
They breath by gills and can prey by their big pliers. Anonymous
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A lobster's habitat is where it lives, searches for food and reproduces. You can find a lobster in sea weeds and rocky surfaces that provide adequate food and shelter from predators. As they grow, lobsters inhabit deeper waters but return seasonally to shallow waters.
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