What Is a Logical Design?


A logical design is a blueprint or sketch of a software application that defines its entities and processes. It seeks to explain how a problem will be solved through getting solutions to design technicalities.
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Logical database design. : ensuring, via normalisation procedures and the definition of integrity rules, that the stored database will be non-redundant and properly connected; Physical
Logic is a term meaning the analytical thought process that breaks things down into easy to understand steps. Logic is usually common sense and is made up of several different processes
In my experience, all intelligent design proponents are theists who are struggling to reconcile their psychological need for the faith they grew up in with the giant pile of evidence
( ′läj·ik di′zīn ) (computer science) The design of a computer at the level which considers the operation of each functional block and the relationships
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The definition of technical design is the logical design on a particular software system. It can also be referred to as a strategic approach. ...
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