What Is a Logical Design?


A logical design is a blueprint or sketch of a software application that defines its entities and processes. It seeks to explain how a problem will be solved through getting solutions to design technicalities.
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1. Write all of the electronic events that will occur in the circuit. For this example, the three events will be a running motor, a running fan and an illuminated LED. 2. Write which
Logical database design. : ensuring, via normalisation procedures and the definition of integrity rules, that the stored database will be non-redundant and properly connected; Physical
( ′läj·ik di′zīn ) (computer science) The design of a computer at the level which considers the operation of each functional block and the relationships
Donald Schon's "The Reflective Practitioner" is a good starting point for thinking about design from an in intuition/implicit-centric perspective. Reading the literature
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The definition of technical design is the logical design on a particular software system. It can also be referred to as a strategic approach. ...
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