What is a longhouse made of?


Although not all longhouses are made of the same material, most of them have a framework built of wooden posts and poles. These structures are then covered with sheets of bark.

Most longhouses have the same basic rectangular shape. Nearly 500 years ago, the longhouse served a large role in the Iroquois culture. Not many materials were available naturally at that time, so the Iroquois made do with what was available. Many different types of cultures lived in these types of houses. The Vikings lived in longhouses for a period, as well as societies in the modern country of Borneo.

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Longhouses are made of wood.
Longhouses were made from wooden pole frames and elm bark covering. The roof is made
Wood trees. Young saplings that could be bent and shaped into the shape of a longhouse. Also cedar and elmbark were used.
I take it we are talking about a Viking Longhouse or similar here? If we are, the floor was dug out too about 3 feet in depth and trampled flat. Logs were then cut and fitted for
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Iroquois longhouses were usually made from bark, wood, animal hides and sticks. To create your own you can use toothpicks, small pieces of wood and even small ...
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