What Is a Lot Porter?


A lot porter is an individual who prepares vehicle for sale or for display in a showroom or automobile lot by cleaning and serving them. Some of their duties include cleaning the interior and exterior of the car, repairing and changing the tyres and replacing windshield wipers and arms.
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A porter is a person employed to carry certain burdens. A porter is most widely known as a hotel attendant who is in charge of handling a traveler's baggage.
The porter contains two different sections. There is a forward area that houses the operator and driver. This also has a crane to pick up and move the logs. The second section is
Founders' Porter and Great Lakes' Edmund Fitzgerald should be included in any survey of the style.
they are men who made beds and tended to things that most women do. They only slept for 4 hours and worked for 20. They carried luggage on and off and helped passengers on and off.They
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