Low Profile Box Spring?


A low profile box spring is usually a type of bed base that typically consists of wooden frame that is normally covered by a cloth. It contains springs and is mostly placed on metal or wooden bed frames.
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A standard box spring is the one you probably already have. On average this box spring is about 9 inches tall and is usually the same height as your mattress. These box springs will
Original Mattress Factory sells twin low profile box springs that are 5" high.
In most modern brands the box srping is really some sort of a platform foundation, and is actually a glorified nine-inch riser. They impart no comfort to the mattress. The exception
( ′spriŋ ′bäks ′mōld ) (engineering) A compression mold with a spacing fork that is removed after partial compression.
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What Is a Low Profile Box Spring?
Mattress sets come with two types of box springs, standard and low profile. The only difference between a low-profile box spring and a standard one is the size, according to the Perrysburg Mattress company. They are both equally effective.... More »
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