How Much Is a Lug of Peaches?


A lug is a measurement that is used to measure produce. A lug of peaches is generally around 25 pounds.
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A lug of freestone peaches weighs 25 pounds. It is slightly less than a bushel and contains approximately 50 peaches. This is quite a large quantity of peaches.
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A lug is an agricultural unit, usually slightly less than a bushel. The last lug of peaches I purchased contained 50 individual peaches.
Depending on where you get them from, a full bucket(18-20 Ibs) can cost up to a
Typical lugs hold about 16-28 pounds (7-13 kilograms) or roughly 1/3 bushel of produce like peaches.
A lug is not quite a bushel but it is the size of which most produce is delivered to
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