Luminous Flame?


A luminous flame is a fire that is yellow in colour, which produces an emission that is black in colour that is known as soot. This type of flame is tall but not very hot and is found on candles. The non luminous flame is blue in colour and generally hotter with no soot.
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Flames that are not luminous are much more dangerous because it is less easy to see the extent of the flame itself. Flames with less efficiency burn more orange, produce more smoke,
A non-luminous flame is when the air hole of the Bunsen Burner is closed, whereas a
To give combustion. For example: The flames in gas grill are blue, but the candles on the dinner table burn with a yellow flame. What makes flames different colors? It's a matter
Presumably you are talking about flames e.g in a bunsen or candle. Usu ally there is an inner zone of unburnt gas (yes even in a candle something has to vapourise first before it
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A luminous flame is a bright, light emitting, flame that is yellow in colour. Luminous flame is a burning flame that is brightly visible. The yellow colour is ...
The color of the outer part one of a luminous flame is yellow,while in the inner part ,it is blue in colour. ...
The parts of a non-luminous flame include all the components that are yellow or orange in color. This is the exterior part of the flame and produces carbon after ...
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