Lunar Highlands?


Lunar highlands are features on the moon that appear to be bright when viewed from the earth, but are actually rough and heavily cratered. The rocks on the lunar highlands have a chemical enrichment of calcium and aluminium. They are also quite rich in the feldspar mineral.
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When the Moon was in its molten stage 4.5 billion years ago, lighter aluminum-rich material floated to the surface and created what we know today as the Lunar Highlands. The heavier
Lunar Highlands rocks returned by Apollo 16 are about 4 billion years old,
None of those numbers are the right answer. The most distinctive aspect of the Moon is the contrast between its light and dark zones. Lighter surfaces are the lunar highlands, which
What phase was the Moon in on December, 22 1962? How long does it take the Moon to travel from one phase to the next? Suppose that the Moon spun twice on its axis during each orbit
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The Lunar Highlands were formed about 4 billion years ago. At that time, the crust of the moon was feldspar-rich and was a magma ocean. Due to many meteorite impacts ...
There are two types of rocks on the moon, the lunar highland rocks or the maria rocks. Moon rocks contain basalts and mafic plutonic chemicals and minerals. You ...
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