Lunar Tides?


The lunar tides are the tides which are formed when the moon and the Earth are attracted to each other. The moon will usually try to pull anything on the Earth so as to bring it closer. The ocean constantly moves from high to low tide, and eventually back to high tide.
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( ′lü·nər ′at·mə′sfir·ik ′tīd ) (meteorology) An atmospheric tide due to the gravitational attraction of the moon;
During a lunar eclipse, the sun and moon are on exact opposites of the earth. During a solar eclipse, the moon and sun are in direct alignment pulling towards the sun. It also depends
Lunar tides have no purpose it is simply an effect that happens because the Earth and the
Gravity is proportional to the mass of the 2 objects but inversely proportional to the distance between them. The sun is much larger than the moon, but a lot farther away. So the
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Tides are caused by the effects of gravity in the earth-moon-sun system and the movement of these three in the system. There are both solar and lunar tides caused ...
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