Lytic Infection?


Lytic infection is a normal cycle of infection where a cell is infected by a virus or a bacteriophage. The bacteriophages are infectious particles usually referred to as transuding phage. The infection ordinarily involves attachment to specific receptors at the surface of host cell.
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It results in lysis of the host cell.
( ′lid·ik in′fek·shən ) (microbiology) Penetration of a host cell by lytic phage.
The 1st step of lytic infection is adsorption, particle undergoes
A lytic virus causes the cell membrane to rupture. In lytic bacteriophages, for example, the virus will infiltrate the cell and make hundreds of copies of itself. Finally, the damage
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During a lytic infection the host cell is broken down and destroyed. Lysis may occur due to bacterial or viral infection. The enzyme lysozyme is the main catalyst ...
A lytic infection causes cell death by membrane breakdown (lysis) in the ...
Digestion of host DNA. ...
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