What is "magnum"?


"Magnum" is the neuter form of the Latin word "magnus," an adjective meaning "great" and "large." In modern day use, magnum can refer to many things other than its original definition. The word is used to denote a special kind of firearm cartridge, is a reference to a particular bottle size in wine making, as well as used in several product brand names.

In the world of firearms, magnum refers to a type of cartridge that has been derived from smaller, standard ones. Handguns and rifles that fire these kinds of cartridges, like those made by Winchester, Remington and Smith & Wesson often have "Magnum" in their name, such as with the .357 Magnum.

In wine making, a magnum is a size of wine bottle that contains the same amount of wine as two regular bottles. For larger parties and events one can also buy a double magnum.

Magnum also refers to several models of cars, such as the Dodge Magnum, and a brand of ice cream bars made by Unilever. It is also a popular type of extra large condom made by Trojan. It is also often used for many biological names, as is standard for Latin words. Outside of the private sector, a NASA heavy-lift rocket and a class of satellites used by the U.S. Government in the 1980s were also called Magnum.

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Magnums:1:a large wine bottle for liquor or
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a large wine bottle having a capacity of two ordinary bottles or 1.5 liters (1.6 quarts).
a magnum cartridge or firearm.
(of a cartridge) equipped with a larger charge than other cartridges of the same size.
(of a firearm) using such a cartridge.
Informal. unusually great in power or size: a magnum spotlight; a magnum dosage.
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