What Is a Maisonette House?


Maisonette is a term from a French word maison, which means a house. It has got many meanings such as; it is a two-floor apartment with an internal staircase and is located in a larger building with an exterior access. It can be a single floor apartment with outside access.
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A maisonette is also called a duplex i.e, two apartments/flats/houses joined together and sharing a common block of land.
A maisonette is like a flat but has it's own front door access. ie not a shared access door. If you are on the first floor, your entrance door will be at ground level and you will
a flat has a common entrance (shared by more than 1 tenant) a maisonette has a separate entrance for the tenant, but usually has people on top of you, and a house is separate completely
Maisonette: An apartment occupying two or more floors of a larger building. House: A structure serving entirely as a dwelling place.
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Maisonette is literally a derivative of the French word maison, meaning 'house'. So, 'small house' would be the literal translation. Most commonly, though, it’s used to indicate a small, self-contained apartment located within another, larger dwelling.
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