Causes of Man Made Disasters?


Man-made disaster refers to a disaster resulting from man-made hazards such as error or negligence, unlike the natural disaster which result from natural hazards. Man-made disaster can also be referred to as anthropogenic and they include terrorism, civil disorder, war and other technological hazards.
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The main factors in man made disasters are greed, apathy, and ignorance; usually a combination of all three. Rarely are man made disasters created deliberately. Said to be the most
Explain to the kids why excessive exploitation of natural resources can potentially induce earthquakes. The whole world currently extracts about 83 million barrels of oil per day.
According to the traditional tale, a cow started the Chicago fire o...
Floods caused by dam breakage, dust bowls caused by poor farming techniques, plane crashes, nuclear meltdowns, industrial accidents, contamination of water supplies, wars, etc. are
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Some of the causes of anthropogenic, or human-made, disasters include: crime, terrorism, war, technological hazards such as structural collapses and hazardous materials, and transportation accidents.
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Man made disasters occur when human actions cause and lead to catastrophic events. Some of the most horrific man made disasters include the Bhopal gas tragedy ...
A good way to define man-made disasters is a disaster resulting from human intent, negligence, or error. The results are usually wide scale destruction, and high ...
There are several types of manmade disasters. Some examples are The World Trade Center incident on 9/11 and the bombing in Hiroshima. ...
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