What are the causes of man-made disasters?


Man-made disaster refers to a disaster resulting from man-made hazards such as error or negligence, unlike the natural disaster which result from natural hazards. Man-made disaster can also be referred to as anthropogenic and they include terrorism, civil disorder, war and other technological hazards.
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Man made disasters are the disasters caused directly or indirectly by the faulty actions of human.Bhopal gas tragedy is an example of man made disaster in which due to leakage of
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people should convey the man made disasters to government.so tht the govt. may ban on these things tht are the cause of these disasters.also prevention is better than cure.in case
man made solutions. air ,land,water pollutions. global warming.
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Some of the causes of anthropogenic, or human-made, disasters include: crime, terrorism, war, technological hazards such as structural collapses and hazardous materials, and transportation accidents.
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