What Is a Market Cap?


Market capitalization is the total market value of all of a company's outstanding shares: measurement of the size of a business equal to the share price times the number of shares outstanding of a public company.
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What Is a Market Cap?
Market capitalization, or market cap, identifies the size and value of a publicly traded corporation according to "the market." You should understand the significance of market cap and how it is calculated, prior to trading stocks. Stocks are often... More »
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Market cap refers to how strong the company is in terms of market shares and financial values. The market cap of a company helps in giving a solid stand of the financial situation of a company or institution. If the market cap is low then an institution is not reliable and this keeps investors off such an institution. If the market cap value is high then a company is credible and its shares are rated at a high value.
Market capitalisation is the total value of the shares of a company, sector or market. It is not the only measure of the size of a company, but measures the size based on sales or value added can also be useful.
A market cap commonly known as Market capitalization refers to the measurement of size of a business enterprise or corporation that is equal to the share price times and the number of shares that are outstanding for a publicly traded company.
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Market cap or market capitalization is the total dollar value of all a company's outstanding market shares. Investors use this figure to determine a company's size as opposed to its
1. Find the number of shares in issue by checking financial information websites or from the corporate website of the stock in which you're interested. The "Investor Relations&
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(market CAPitalization) The sum derived from the current stock price per share times the total number of shares outstanding. Although the market cap of a company is an indication
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According to this article, the Market Cap for SLL in 2012 was 186-232 million USD. For comparison, the market cap for bitcoins is ~200 million USD as of Jan 2013 ...
Market cap is defined as the amount of money required to pay if you ever bought a share of stock in a company. It is calculated by multiplying the number of shares ...
The market capitalization for Henkel AG and Company is £7,732.24million. The company's freefloat market capitalization is valued at £7,557.49million ...
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