What is a mass merchandiser?


A mass merchandiser is a business, usually a store, that sells items in large amounts more inexpensively through means of cutting overhead costs in one or more ways. Many different mass merchandising chains exist throughout the country and worldwide.

Some of the ways in which mass merchandisers attempt to cut overhead costs is through large, warehouse-type stores, fewer store amenities, less store decor, customer self-service and buying in bulk. Examples in the United States of mass merchandising chain stores are Wal-Mart and its subsidiary, Sam's; Kmart; Target; and Costco. Some such retail businesses, such as Sam's, require membership to shop there.

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mass merchandiser
a retailer or retail store that seeks to sell large quantities of goods quickly through such means as discounting, customer self-service, or unadorned display and packaging, as in a warehouse.
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