Math Words That Start with J?


A math word that starts with 'J' can be one such as Jump Discontinuity or Jacobian. Other words include Jefferson factors, junctions, justification among many others. It is also a vector symbol for a directional vector on the y- axis.
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Justification- a definition, post value, or theorem which enables a conclusion to be drawn.
"Joint Variation" and "Jump Discontinuity" were the only two terms starting
i don't know where you are in math, but in some areas, and in computing, K and J are integers.
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There are numerous math words that begin with the letter 'J', including Justification, Joint Variation, Jump Discontinuity and Jacobian. The above words all have different meanings and all make sense depending on the math discipline being studied. The most commonly used is probably justification, which explains and defends the reason for a mathematical solution.
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