Mathematical Sentence?


A mathematical sentence is a meaningful composition of numbers or words which can either be considered true or false. In algebra, it can be defined as a sentence that has a numerical digit, a function and a letter representing an unknown value. When it is not in algebraic form, it will only have two numbers and an operation.
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1. Learn the symbols that represent different mathematical verbal (written) phrases. For example, the words "is" and "has" usually imply "equals, which is
A mathematical sentence usually refers to an equation. x + y = 3 can be "translated" into this mathematical sentence: The sum of x and y is 3.
equation or even an identity. something like (a^2-b^2)=(a-b)(a+b) thats an identity. an equation is something like: a^2+4=20
If both sides are equal, it's called an
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A mathematical sentence is a sentence that has to have a number, a letter and a mathematical expression in it when in algebraic form. Mathematical sentences are ...
A number sentence is an equation or inequality in mathematics that has been expressed with the use of numbers and common symbols. It is an equation that is made ...
Trivial is an adjective and it means of little importance or mathematically speaking, the simplest case. An example sentence would: The amount of ground clove ...
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