What Is a Matrix Organization?


A Matrix organisation is a popular organisational reporting structure used by project-based teams. Teams are grouped according to their department and their product. This allows for freely dissemination of information between different departments.
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Traditionally, organizations have used reporting structures where employees report to one manager, keeping valuable information, ideas and lessons learned trapped inside the department
Superimposing a group or interdisciplinary team of project specialists, such as scientific and engineering personnel, on a functional organizational design. In a matrix organization
An advantage to the matrix structure lies in the efficient use of resources because of ease of access. This structure also demonstrates efficient communication both vertically and
A matrix organization combines the advantages of the purely functional structure and
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A matrix organisation is one that utilises the matrix management type of organisational management where people with similar skills are pooled for work assignments. Every expert in the organisation is well-trained and assessed by a leader.
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