What Is a Maturity Date on a Loan?


A loan maturity date refers to the final date for making payments of a loan. All the interest accrued on a given principal should be paid. It tells you when you get your principal back and for how long you will receive interest payments.
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Most mortgages range from 15 to 30 years, but there are shorter mortgages, as well as mortgages that extend past 30 years. If you have a standard mortgage, the last payment will be
The original maturity date on a loan is the date that the last payment is due. If you've missed any payments and the lender added them to the back end of the loan, the maturity date
That would depend on the maturity.
Treasury bills/T-bills mature in 1 year or less from their issue date &
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What Is the Loan Maturity Date for a Home Loan?
Every mortgage financing agreement outlines terms and conditions including the loan maturity date, which is the date when your loan principal must be paid in full. With most mortgage agreements the loan maturity date represents your final payment to... More »
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Maturity date on a loan refers to termination date or when a loan or an installment has to be paid in full. All the interests plus other charges including the actual installment has to be paid before or on this date. A loan that is not settled after maturity date carries heavy penalties to the loaned.
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