What does "MCF" stand for?


The MCF of gas denotes one thousand cubic feet, a unit of measure in the oil and gas industry for natural gas. It is more commonly used in low volume sectors of the petroleum industry such as a stripper well production, and to bill natural gas, and water, used in homes.
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MCF stands for "million cubic feet" or 1,000,000 cubic feet of gas. This volume is normalized to correspond to a pressure of 1 Atmosphere and temperature of 15 Celsius.
MCF often stands for "MathCAD Font" and stores a font type used by MathCAD, a popular engineering calculation program. MathCAD, first released in 1986, offers engineers
MCF stands for 1,000 Cubic Feet. Hope this helps! Thanks for using ChaCha!
CCF is hundred cubic feet. MCF is probably thousand cubic feet, though it could be million cubic feet [you should be able to tell with a factor of one thousand difference.
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