What Is a MDS Nurse?


A MDS nurse is a nurse responsible for the delivery of care to long term patients in hospitals. MDS, which is an acronym which stands for minimum data set, involves collection of data and analysis for better care for the patient. MDS nurses are expected to be registered and licensed in the state where they work.
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Educational Requirements Most organizations require a BSN (bachelor's degree in nursing) or LPN (licenced practical nurse), as well as MDS certification. Because many assessments
abbr. Master of Dental Surgery
The lowest-paid 10 percent of registered nurses earned $43,410 or less per year as of May 2008, while the highest-paid 10 percent of registered nurses received salaries of $92,240
Of course, before you can sign on as a travel nurse, you must first be a nurse. Most travel nurse jobs are for registered nurses, although positions for licensed practical/vocation
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